closed! opens the 22/06/24
closed! opens the 22/06/24
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High mountain restaurant

The authentic flavor of the Dolomites

Quality dining is a daily goal for us at Ütia Forcelles. Every day we select the best ingredients to make delicious, healthy and nutritious dishes. We prepare our menu items the moment they are ordered, in our kitchen, varying the menu to always offer a valid alternative for those who often return to visit us. Only in this way can we satisfy even the most demanding palates!

From pork ribs to Kaiserschmarrn, from barley soup to sweet apricot dumplings, our offering includes a range of delicious meals of authentic taste. Appetizers, first courses, main courses and side dishes native to the Dolomites region, but also desserts, wines and prized mountain liqueurs. Do not miss the beers on tap, great for enjoying on the outdoor tables or on the deck chairs of our panoramic terrace.

The main hall with bar and kitchen of the Ütia Forcelles mountain hut in Corvara is open from 9 am till 5 pm, so you can stop for a meal or a drink. Our restaurant is open from 11 am to 3 pm. After 3 pm you can enjoy our home made sweets with maybe a hot chocolate or a bombardino. An opportunity not to be missed for those who are exploring the Dolomites on foot, skiing or mountain biking. All this thanks also to the strategic position of the mountain hut, not far from the famous Sellaronda circuit, in the sunny Edelweiss valley over the beautiful village of Colfosco and the splendid Gardena Pass. Come visit us!

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