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Location of Ütia Forcelles

How to reach our mountain hut

Ütia Forcelles enjoys a splendid panoramic position at an altitude of 2065 meters above sea level. We are located on the southern border of the Puez Odle Natural Park, in an area that can only be reached on foot, on skis or on snowshoes. Here, tourists and sports enthusiasts choose to venture out in search of the peace and solace that only the mountains can bring.

There are several trails and ski slopes leading to the mountain hut. In winter you can take the famous Sella Ronda circuit and specifically the Forcelles-Colfosco track. From here take the Colfosco cable car and continue on to the mountain hut. Alternatively, with snowshoes, park at Gardena pass and continue on foot for about 5-6 km on the snow, following the signs for Ütia Forcelles on path no. 8.

In summer you can park your car at Gardena pass or take the gondola from Selva "Dantercepies" or Colfosco "Plans-Frara". Once at the Gardena pass continue along the path number 8 (Colfosco panoramic path). From the pass it takes about an hour at medium pace to arrive. From the village of Colfosco, again on foot, take path no. 4 (one and a half hours) instead. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us!